National Bicycle Network

The FHWA Office of Highway Policy Information (HPPI) has been attempting to compile a set of bicycle route geospatial data for the entire nation based on data and information released by public agencies such as state transportation departments, local Metropolitan Planning Organizations, local Councils of Government, cities, and county public works and transportation departments. The HPPI would like to acknowledge the contributions of all these agencies and organizations to the progress the project is making. For a detailed list, please check out the metadata. This effort aims to gain quantitative information on bicycle route data regarding location, length, condition, and other information to facilitate the investing, planning, design, construction, and operating of such facilities as a safe, efficient, and equitable travel mode.
HPPI encourages entities to continue sharing their bicycle route data with the FHWA with consideration of including bicycle route attributes listed in this template when collecting such data.  
Shuqing Wang, Ph.D., PE, leads this national data collection and data integration project and is the program manager. Feel free to contact Dr. Wang at for any questions you may have.
Lastly, regardless of the bicycle route data format you use and have, please send Dr. Wang your data or location to download your data to enable an up-to-date national bicycle route network. 
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